Georgia: Republican Senate candidate questions evolution

“There was a time when science said humans descended from apes, right? […] If this is true, why are there still monkeys? think about it. On hearing former soccer star and Republican candidate for US Senate Herschel Walker babbling like last Sunday, the pastor of Sugar Hill Church in Georgia said, “Now you are too smart for us, Herschel.”

Dear Herschel, the man and the chimpanzee are close, of course. But their lineage separated a year ago, or more precisely 7 million years ago, to evolve on its own. They share a common ancestor, but one does not “descend” from the other.

Reminder: Herschel Walker is not only the favorite of Donald Trump, but also Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, whose support he surrendered. However, because of Walker and other birds of his kind, the Republicans could fail in their attempt to rob the Democrats of their Senate majority.

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