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Windows 11, ads appear in File Explorer

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Jillian Castillo
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There is a strong temptation for Microsoft to integrate ads into Windows. This idea is not new. It seems that the giant wants to experience adventure again in Windows 11.

We know that a major update is on the way for one of Windows 11’s most popular apps, File Explorer. It will introduce an important novelty. This is tab support. It’s a “small revolution”, because tab support is in great demand by “Windows.

Turns out Redmont might be planning a bit more. Another “big” change is currently being tested. on Twitter @flobo09 Posting a screenshot showing what many thought was abandoned, an ad. Microsoft may consider incorporating business communications at the heart of this groundbreaking application. It is placed at the top of the screen and promotes other Microsoft products. In this example, the ad refers to Microsoft Editor, a program from the Microsoft Office office suite.

Windows 11, Microsoft is testing advertising in File Explorer

Windows 11, Microsoft is testing advertising in File Explorer

Windows 11 and ads, issue sensitive

At the moment we don’t know much about this funny initiative. It’s also hard to tell if Microsoft has really made up its mind, or if we’re just in beta. We also don’t know if closing an ad will prevent further connections from appearing. Is there an option to disable this ad?

One thing is for sure. If the tests are done, it means that Microsoft thinks it is a good idea to integrate the propaganda into the file explorer. We have another certainty. There is no doubt that if this novelty finds its way to Windows Insider, reviews will be dropping.

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