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Germany expects 30 degrees next week. It will warm significantly throughout Central Europe

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Early summer will arrive in Central Europe next week, which means a big jump in temperatures compared to this week. In Germany, temperatures are expected to rise to 30 degrees after the weekend, and favorable weather will continue not only during the day, but also at night. inform o Tom Focus Server.

Temperatures will reach 25 degrees across Germany and are supposed to continue in the coming period. But this time, meteorological models predict higher temperatures in the north than in southern Germany. There will be more cloud cover and therefore lower temperatures. Similar predictions have been reported before Poland or Slovakia.

Focus assumes that warming will come suddenly. This will be a significant jump in temperature compared to this week, when temperatures in Central Europe will drop by about 10 degrees and heavy rain will accompany them.

The Czech Republic will also see a significant rise in temperatures, with the coldest day of the week likely to be Wednesday, with maximum temperatures of only around ten degrees. On the weekend, then according to the current weekly schedule Forecasts However, according to the Czech Institute of Hydrometeorology (ČHMÚ), the highest temperatures should exceed 20 degrees. According to the Czech Meteorological app windy In the Czech Republic, temperatures rise to 27 degrees.

Warming can be observed across the continent, although it is still slightly faster in Eastern Europe than in the West.

Extreme temperatures in Spain

The temperature records, along with the prolonged drought that has ravaged the country, are prompting severe meteorological phenomena and worries about the coming summer. It wasn’t just Spain that had its hottest summer months since records began last year. “We are heading towards a future where we reach 50 degrees Celsius, which will have a huge impact,” Jaime Martinez-Ortazza, a WHO advisor and expert on the effects of climate change on health, told El Mundo.

Europe has very warm summers

Summer temperatures in European countries, according to forecasts published by Bloomberg beat Those of last year, when a combination of sweltering heat waves and a lack of precipitation combined with other factors resulted in Europe’s hottest summer in recorded history. Last year was the fifth warmest year in the Czech Republic.

In addition, the continent experienced severe drought in a third of its area, the second most devastating fire in terms of area burned, and the lowest soil moisture in 50 years. This followed a study by scientists from the European Union project Copernicus. According to them, the increasing extreme weather is consistent with the predictions of climate models.

At the same time, record temperatures have already fallen in spring in southern European countries, when Spain has been plagued by unusual temperatures for several weeks. According to the diary Washington Post There at the end of April, the temperature was 20 degrees higher than normal for this month.

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