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Gildor Roy is the grandfather for the second time!

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Tony Vaughn
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It is an understatement to say that a file Ceremony He was arrested in studiosLive from the universe Saturday night while The Gang From District 31 He was a guest of honor France Baudouin.

Gildor Roy It was evident at the date, for our great happiness, alongside his mates among others Fabian ThronesAnd the Luke DionAnd the Genevieve BrouilletteAnd the Catherine St. LaurentAnd the Michelle SharettAnd the Sebastian DelormeAnd the Vincent Guillaume OtisAnd the Cynthia Wu Mihawks And the Jeff Boudrault.

The host especially made great videos for the children of our compatriots Bruno Jani and Stephan “Bobo”, but also the physical and virtual presence of Captain Chiapson’s close keeper. One of Gildor’s sons, Louis DavidAs well as his wife and two children EnzoBorn in Fall 2019, he surprised a father and actor for the first time by making their appearance on stage.

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Then we discovered, with the stars in our eyes, the daughter of Gildor’s shovel, MahalaOn a giant screen, holding the baby in her arms Aya, Born in just one week.

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So Gildor is the grandfather for the second time with his wife IngridFor only a few days. Congratulations to the Roy family for this newcomer!

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Magalie Lépine-Blondeau As he surprised his former teammate Vincent Guillaume, fan From star WarsShe turns into Princess Leia for a few seconds.

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