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Netflix | The nominees wanted a Squid game in real life

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(Paris) game squid game In real life, of course, without killing a candidate: Netflix launched a distribution with the goal of a reality TV adaptation of the South Korean phenomenon series.

Posted on June 15

And the platform wrote on a website created specifically to recruit candidates for this game, which will be called Squid Game: Challenge.

Its organizers are looking for “English speaking participants from any part of the world”.

Among the requirements, the person must be at least 21 years old, be “available to participate in the program for a maximum period of 4 weeks currently planned at the beginning of 2023”, and “be able to travel to all places to be determined”.

Real players will be immersed in a creative world squid game And you will never know what awaits them,” says the recruitment form, which promises “a series of breathtaking tests.”

Netflix was announced Tuesday night on social media. It may come as a surprise, because in the series, the losers are killed off as the trials progress.

seen as a scathing critique of the excesses of capitalism, squid game met en scène des centaines de personnages issus des franges les plus marginalisées de Corée du Sud, participant à des jeux d’enfants, comme « 1-2-3 soleil », pour remporter une énorme somme d’argent, au risque d’être You are.

But on the futuristic reality show, “The worst that could happen is to go home empty-handed,” Netflix specifies on the site.

“Whether they win or lose, all players will come out unharmed. But if you win, you win a lot!”, insists the platform in the recruitment model.

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This announcement came a few days after the officialization of the second season of squid game. In April, its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, indicated that it would not be ready before 2024.

Extremely violent, the series has been a worldwide hit and has become a social phenomenon.

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