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Suspension of the judicial process | Accused of fraud and extortion, Montriller escapes from every trial

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Montreller has been accused of stealing millions and destroying lives with a fraudulent appeal campaign targeting small family businesses, which escapes failure to deliver justice to justice within a reasonable time frame.

Vincent LaRoucheVincent LaRouche

“Until a higher court decides otherwise, failure to respect the right to trial within a reasonable period of time will lead to a stay of proceedings, regardless of circumstances,” Supreme Court Judge Daniel Royer ruled in his January 14 ruling. The judge ordered a halt to the judicial process under the Jordanian ruling, while acknowledging that the outcome may be “disappointing for society and prosecutors.”

Sonya Abruzzo, a 54-year-old LaSalle resident, was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2018 in connection with dozens of complaints of harassment and fraudulent phone calls in several Canadian provinces.

Family business facing the wall

Victims, who are often small businesses with few legal or accounting resources, received a call from someone claiming to work for a collection agency or law firm.

The person on the phone was falsely claiming that the company had bought ads online from various sites and had never paid the bill. You had to pay now, otherwise bailiffs would be sent, legal proceedings would begin, and restitution measures would be taken against officials and their families.

According to police, Sonya Abruzzo embezzled as many as 2.5 million with this trick. She always ended up finding someone who was willing to buy peace to stop the harassment and threats, thinking sometimes that someone in her company might have accidentally bought web ads.

Victims demolished

Initial investigation with M.I am Abbruzzo was interrupted again and again because the victims, sometimes to tears, struggled to associate with harsh words that led them to squander their savings.

“They said if I didn’t pay now they could pay my family. My kids were still young … Where would they find the money to pay off all the debts they say I have?” Said Anita Boasfert, who runs an agricultural company with her husband in the village of Manitoba.

The woman says she was told that if she was late, the bill would triple. She ended up emptying every other dollar from a joint account with her husband. One day, her interlocutors increased the pressure a little, she says.

“MI am Boisvert, you are dead, bitch. We will hang you, “someone could tell him. She says she was terrified.

Another victim who worked for a manufacturing company in Ontario recounted how people told her on the phone that they knew her children’s address.

“Extremely satisfied”

Police confiscated 20 phones, $ 50,000 in cash and a letter of understanding with a victim in a home linked to Sonya Abruzzo. It was also indicated by bank account statements, phone records, and intercepted mail.

But because the case is protracted, the evidence cannot stand the test of the courts. The accused escapes from all trials on six counts of fraud and extortion that have been filed.

“Our client is very satisfied with the court’s decision given that the current case has had dire consequences for her life as a result of violating her right to trial within a reasonable time,” said M.e Hovsep Dadgalian, attorney for Sonya Abruzzo.

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The Crown had already accepted a court ruling against six alleged accomplices in the case, namely, Manuela Agnese, Domenico Crivello, Shirley de La Fontaine, Bruno Lomano, Raphael Lomano and Tammy Parker.

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