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Global System functionality between Mac and iPad now in beta in macOS Monterey

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Despite the string of beta releases, in both macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15.1, Universal Control is still weak. However, it is there, hidden in the depths of the futuristic Mac OS…in beta! This is a serendipitous discovery that can be made by going to the preferences panel screens > advanced… From macOS 12, without you realizing it first This hack.

The beta 10 macOS 12 now displays the label bêta Next to Universal Control Options.

Remember that this function allows you to share the same keyboard and mouse or trackpad between Mac and iPad. Universal Control Offer (universal control) caused quite a stir during the WWDC keynote, but since then Apple has been careful not to return to the topic.

Worked well during WWDC!

Fingers crossed, but Universal Control is likely to appear in the final versions of Monterey and iPadOS 15.1, even if the latter is still without news. This wasn’t always the case: mods appeared over the summer, both on Macs and iPads, but they quickly took to the skies.

Universal control function between Mac and iPad: so close yet

Universal control function between Mac and iPad: so close yet

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