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Have you ever felt the urge to watch Canadian radio series about Gabrielle Roy’s childhood? Zero and one bar.

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The Manitoba-Quebec regional co-production, the period string thin budget and the dismal violin abuse all converge towards a cathodic catastrophe of this kind. in Valdrague (phew!). I also surpassed my role when ARTV broadcast in March the eight half-hour episodes of The world of Gabriel Roy. Thanks but no thanks.

Photo provided by Radio Canada

Martin Frank V The world of Gabriel Roy

When Radio Canada put work back on schedule at the end of June (Monday at 7:30 p.m.), I listened and opened my eyes. especially that The world of Gabriel Roy He had won two major nominations in preparation for the Gemini Gala in September: Best Actress (Martin Frank) and Best Director (Rene Blanchard).

Rule? He’s friendly, touching, charming, and not at all cheesy. Really, my prejudices have overshadowed my judgment, sorry. This slow-motion poetry series is similar to TV quotes from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novels, including Ann… The House of Green Gables.

The free section of presents the first two episodes of The world of Gabriel Roy. The third passes on Monday evening and the full collection can be accessed at Extra of

camped between 1919 and 1929, The world of Gabriel Roy Comes in eight childhood memories of a famous writer who will build her literary world and nurture her creative obsessions. Through the sparkling eyes of 10-year-old Gabrielle Roy (Léa-Kim Lafrance-Leroux), the viewer is immersed in the movement for the liberation of the women of Manitoba, and the struggle to keep the French out of Quebec. Exile as well as in exile. Francophone oppression, social class struggle, and the desire to escape the future star of world literature.

Photo provided by Radio Canada

Martine Francke and Léa-Kim Lafrance-Leroux in The world of Gabriel Roy

No, you will not witness creation indirect happiness. The world of Gabriel Roy It ends in the midst of an economic crisis when the heroine (now played by Roman Denis) is 20 years old and continues her studies to become a teacher. In nearly 95% of the scenes in the mini-series, we follow 10-year-old Gabrielle, a curious, dreamy, and inquisitive girl, as well as her older sisters Bernadette, Alicia, and Clemence.

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The character of Gabriel Roy’s mother, Melina Landry (the excellent Martin Frank) stands out clearly. She is the one who encourages her daughter Gabrielle to “be a part of the big world”. A world of fancy balls, silk gloves and Eton shopping that Melina has never entered.

This pious, intense, proud and protective woman is the heart of the family home on Dechambault Street in San Boniface. Melina, the seamstress, is torn between religious tradition and the winds of modernity that blow across the prairie.

Her husband, Leon Roy (Gaston Lepage), corresponds more with the stereotype of the man of his time. Rude and sensitive he worked for a long time as a colonial agent for the federal government, before losing his job. It is Leon who encourages his daughters to get an education, a valuable tool for lifting themselves out of poverty.

The world of Gabriel Roy It has quite a few sources of irritation, including the ubiquitous music that sometimes spoils the atmosphere. Nor is it a so-called classic autobiography, because screenwriter and director Rene Blanchard (Bill Bay) Taking historical liberties to embroider his novel.

Did not matter. to tan smarter, The world of Gabriel Roy Closer to magic than distress.

Snowflakes (artificial)

Don’t waste your time with reality TV snowflake mountain from Netflix. It’s bad and “script” – do you still think these shows aren’t scripted? – It lights up too much for us to stick to.

However, the concept had an attractive and eye-catching aspect. Ten influencers or wealthy kids in their twenties, allergic to power since birth, think they’re taking part in a luxury Ibiza-style reality show with an infinity-edge pool and unlimited champagne.

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Error. The production places them in the mountains, in the middle of the forest, where they will have to survive with the means at hand (and without their own cosmetics). Who is more He woke up here, huh? You will suffer, you ungrateful little ones!

It is clear that these ten members of Generation Z have been chosen to represent the stereotype of a “snowflake”, a fragile young man unable to tolerate an opinion that differs from his own without being offended.

Apparently two ex-military personnel, animators Joel Graves and Matt Tate, are trying to smash and toughen them up. Send you zombies people! Log your own wood! Fruit picking! Hunt the meat! And put your cell phones away!

I dropped out after three episodes, which ended up repeating the same story: So today’s guys are so superficial, blah, blah, blah. It is big and long.

With a little bad faith, snowflake mountain It could have been an entertaining show. His conservative prejudices, not exploited even with humor, only reinforce prejudices and widen the gap between two generations.

snowflake mountain So it stays in the base camp and never gets close to the top.

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