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File – 3 chronological sci-fi classics

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1. | The Night of the Times by Rene Barjavel

Who among us does not know Barjavel except by name? Before everything night time Who made her known all over the world thanks to her characters from the past who brought us back the drama of Romeo and Juliet!

An expedition to Antarctica discoversPerplexed, the ruins of a city and a huge golden oval body contained within it a man and a womanTheir skulls are covered with golden helmets! Slowly but surely, we are learning more about these semi-alien touching as they discover the end of their civilization. Elijahthe woman and the first to wake up, Lost in a world you don’t know. It is clear that a scientist falls madly in love with this thin and curious woman through her story…

Time travel is very special here because it is based on international TV channels! Indeed, when Ilya wakes up, she “transports” the humans of our time through a television epic. Every family has the opportunity to go back in time, thousands of years back to think about the fall of a very advanced civilization, Gondawa. ! A clever combination between the fall of Atlantis and the fall of Rome !

In the background of this novel, Elijah recalls her first and only love, Baokan, and that love still carries her and drives her to poison herself to avoid living with the man who should become her husband and who was in the capsule with him. to her. Barjavel manages to beautifully portray the ordeal and rebellion of a woman in the face of a situation that tears her apart. (Especially since her breakup with her former love is still new to her who slept 90,000 years ago.)

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night time It is classic science fiction, temporary or not. A real nugget that hasn’t aged a bit!

2. | Time Machine by H.G. Wells

H.G. Wells is plunged into the distant future and meets the third type! with Time Machinecharts the Earth 800,000 years after our era where men have mutated into two different species : Eloïs, perfect beings that live on a celestial surface, and Morlocks, mutant monkeys who work underground to make heaven possible. For Wells, time will wreak havoc on our societies, leading to a new order (which he clearly sees with bad eyes) and a hierarchy of new men.

One of the first science fiction stories (even before the poster sees the light of day), Time Machine It deals above all with the future where the remnants of our civilization are forgotten in favor of life in the image of the biblical Eden. The working class has turned into a horrific thing, while the wealthy bourgeoisie (Wells agonizing for his time – the novel was published in 1895) have become idealistic, idle beings with no awareness of how their world survives (Morlocks take care of operating complex machinery).

Obviously at that time, a love story must inevitably occur between a scientist who manages to travel into the future and an innocent young woman who is one of the most beautiful people in this world. Cliches die hard but the image of women hasn’t deteriorated dramatically either. The novel is a reflection of her time with her male adventurer willing to do anything to save the widow and orphan.

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We strongly encourage you to read Time Machineonly for your literary culture!

3. | Parallel Times of Robert Silverberg

He is famous for his lords of amberRobert Silverberg had fun with him Parallel Times ! In the year 2059, we can travel in the past and watch the great hours of humanity thanks to a time guide. The guide that reminds you to follow its steps exactly, otherwise beware of the time inconsistencies!

in parallel timesWe follow the path Jude, a young time guide with a passion for the history of Byzantium. As a good student doing his homework, He makes notes about the many chronological paradoxes that he can release into the heart of the Byzantine Roman Empire.. Between playing a circus and exploring the churches of the past, He meets one of his ancestors. Too bad, because he admires his great-grandmother … Put chaos in the inextricable thread of time ! Like Douglas Adams, Robert Silverberg promises to make for absolutely silly and delicious dialogues.

But the whole will always be mixed with a bit of seriousness. The author has done a lot of research about the city of Byzantium / Constantinople and the accuracy is felt in the atmosphere he describes to us everywhere about this time tourism! Furthermore it, Irony is based on science : Jud’s training sequences on different time paradoxes always start from a good background, before slipping and end with “Okay, let’s admit it!”.

Parallel Times It’s a very nice introduction to SF Timeline because the humor is there!

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