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Liverpool Manor wants to hold contracts to sell quickly

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After securing an emergency injunction on February 18, their lawyer, François Benard-Terriault, returned to the Supreme Court on Thursday to try to extend it.

He says that 21 residents are still covered by intermediate resource agreements in the manor rooms. If these residents had expressed their desire, they could have requested to be transferred to another facility. The Quebec He could also have moved them if he had seen that their health was in danger.

The fact that these 21 elderly people still reside in Manoir Liverpool made me François Benard Terriault say so. The health and safety of the impending users is not at stake. In this context, counsel argues that Quebec De Chaudière-Appalaches have no serious reason to terminate service agreements.

Damned investigation report for B. Quebec Me Pinard-Thériault, de Chaudière-Appalaches who reported being ill-treated in Liverpool’s Manoir, described him as biased. He assures us that even if the owners are not flawless, many repairs have been made in recent months.

I think the palace has improved a lot. The management team has changed and the stability of the employees is much betterPlead before Judge Philippe Cantine. The lawyer also questions the numerous deficiencies reported in a Radio Canada investigation, nearly all of which were confirmed in the investigation into Quebec.

If the situation had been worse, these facts would have been reported long ago.

François Pinard-Thériault, attorney for Manoir Liverpool’s owners

If the Supreme Court permits the contracts to be terminated, the sale of the mansion in the short term will end in failure. The conditions attached to the purchase offer on the table that expire within a few days include the transfer of existing service contracts to buyers. If you don’t pronounce it, the deal will fall, In defense of François Pinar-Terriault.

Commercial reasons

In his reply, my lawyer Quebec De Chaudière-Appalaches tried to question the good intentions of the Manoir Liverpool owners. Prosecutor, all they are looking for is to save time for work reasonsLuc de la Sabloniere leads me.

As for the quality of care provided in the dormitory, he said, it is mainly attributed to the constant presence of the housing staff. Quebec.

He described the situation as very unusual. Before the pandemic, it was Quebec De Chaudière-Appalaches was satisfied with two visits a year. The resources assigned to it, their continuation is not justified, because during that time, there are other resources that do not have servicesAttorney added.

It is not normal to ask a co-contractor to do the job on their behalf.

Luc de la Sablonnière, attorney for CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches

Me de la Sablonnière is also her opinion Imaginary The belief that the sale of a home can be completed in a few days, especially since there is no guarantee that Quebec De Chaudière-Appalaches will agree to transfer all intermediate resource contracts to new buyers.

He indicates that in the past certain contracts were awarded without approval from the Public Authority for Procurement, even if the contracts were not covered by the injunction request. Apparently, it’s very likely that we’ll have to say no [au transfert]Lawyer said Quebec.

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The judge took the case under advice. Pending the decision, the two sides agreed not to transfer the residents of Liverpool Manor.

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