Google Maps will soon allow manual map correction

Google Maps is already a very comprehensive service, but today it relies heavily on sent Google cars to roam streets around the world …

Google Maps It is a complete and successful mapping service, you will agree easily. However, to offer the most recent maps possible, the American giant is sending its cars to roam streets all over the world. Which takes a long time. In particular, this explains why plot updates take such a long time to arrive. this is It will change very soon.

Google Maps will soon have an editing tool

To make Google Maps are as accurate as possible, Mountain View sends its cars to cities around the world like in the middle of nowhere to collect data and make sure everything is listed as it is. Unfortunately, sometimes there are obstacles or changes that Google does not see …

To add missing methods or correct a path

In these cases, instead of waiting for Google to correct the problem on its maps, the American giant announces the near arrival of a feature that will allow users to add their private data directly to Google Maps. According to the release, “We made it easy to report road changes with a new and immersive editing tool. When you see a lost road on, just click the menu button on the side, then go to ‘Edit Map’ and select ‘Missed Road’. The power of mapping is in your hands now!

Of course, Google doesn’t allow anyone to make these changes right away. Before the new route in question appears, Google will evaluate the number of version requests sent by users, which is a clear reflection of its true presence. It should help this platform be more accurate and up to date anyway. Google specifies that this feature will be rolled out in the coming months. If you want to contribute to this kind of thing, just be patient.

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