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France’s Alzheimer Réunion is full of activities

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Singing workshop, object therapy, afternoon relaxation and Zumba. A busy program awaits beneficiaries of the France Alzheimer Réunion from March 15 to 21, on the occasion of Brain Week. The association organizes various activities across the island with the aim of maintaining social connections despite the current health context, but above all to stimulate brain functions in patients. In the context of Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive, psychological, or sensory workshops are a major issue for prevention but they also slow disease progression.

In Reunion, Alzheimer’s disease affects around 10,000 people. Degenerative pathology, it causes progressive memory loss and cognitive disturbances. For now, there is no cure, but its progression can still be slowed down. Indeed, regular cognitive simulation gives excellent results. This solution, often practiced with the support of a caregiver, consists of operating the patient’s brain with the help of exercises, games, and scenarios. “Without demand, the brain tends to lose neurons. As part of disease awareness and prevention, these activities help maintain healthy connections and maintain brain plasticity.” Reunion, President of France, Sylvie Agnes, explains.

In the year 2021, the association mobilized to provide a full program to beneficiaries on the occasion of Brain Week. “It’s our first participation. The current health context is not easy. We had to adapt constantly, but it was important to be there, because it concerns many Reunion residents. During this week, we are preparing local procedures that allow our beneficiaries to discuss, develop their capabilities and live well.” Better in their daily life.These events give them the opportunity to continue to occupy an active place as a person, but also to change society’s outlook by reinforcing their actions.And the Determines the chair.

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Workshops held by France Alzheimer Réunion have various benefits, including slowing memory decline, maintaining social connections, improving coping skills, and restoring patient confidence, among others. Singing, for example, activates the pleasure circuit and causes the release of substances in the brain such as dopamine and endorphins. It increases well-being and reduces stress. Therapy with ancient things, on its part, stimulates the senses and re-energizes sensory memories. “And the Sylvie Agnes concludes.

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