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Google releases beta 3, here’s all the news

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Google has released the third beta version of Android 13, and while it doesn’t introduce any major new features, it’s a significant milestone in the development of the operating system ahead of its final release.

Google just released the third beta version ofAndroid 13 For supported Pixel phones. The new version comes about a month after the second beta version, Just in time and in line with the company’s previously announced launch schedule. This version is important, because it is thanks to it that Android 13 achieves platform stability.

This means that developer APIs and application performance in this next version of the operating system are final. Until the public release of the program in a few months, Developers should now focus on compatibility and overall app quality, and fix the latest bugs. Major functionality should not be offered in the following beta versions.

What’s new in Android 13 beta 3?

Google Beta 3 blog post is packed with essential documentation for developers Make sure their app is compatible with all changes and improvements in Android 13. It also contains new documentation for large screen devices such as smartphones and foldable tablets. It covers changes to multi-window mode, taskbar interaction, and media streaming.

In terms of new features, the only major change seems to be the improved copy and paste. There are also new Pixel Launcher settings that give users Ability to enable web suggestions. This feature displays suggested search terms for web queries as you type your text. You can also directly click on New buttons “Search YouTube” or “Search Maps” when entering Google search.

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As a reminder, if you haven’t tried Android 13 yet, you’ll first need to make sure your smartphone is compatible. The list of eligible devices has recently grown significantly. If you have a high-end smartphone from the last generation, this phone will likely be compatible.

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