The head of IIHF is behind the cataract

Originally from Trois-Rivières, the international hockey grandmaster attended the third game of the final between the Cataractes and Charlottetown Islanders.

“Fingers crossed for cataracts. Internationally, I have to be neutral, but on a smaller level… I can take sides,” he laughs.

Before his eyes, Mavrik Bourque (a Dallas Stars client) and Xavier Bourgault (who could have jumped sooner rather than later with Edmonton Oilers) played another strong game. On the other hand, Canada Junior defender Lucas Cormier scored a goal and assisted twice.

“The players are a lot closer to the top level. Now they’re making the leap from rookies to the NHL and they belong. Shawinigan is a hockey place. Tonight is a Memorial Cup atmosphere. It smells like the Anniversary Cup…anyway!”

His last visit to Center Gervais Auto was two years ago, when Alexis Lafrenière was performing his last ski strokes at the QMJHL.

From Europe, Luke Tardiff closely monitors the activities of the waterfall.

“Berick Dube played for France. That is also why I follow the results of the cataract. He scored important goals against the Remparts, the equaliser… and that is partly why I jumped to Shawinigan tonight.”

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