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Government confirms Ebola case in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has confirmed a new case of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in the east of the country, which health authorities have been investigating since last week.

The sample taken from the patient – a 46-year-old woman who died on August 15 in the health district Congrats! (North Kivu) – “Tested positive for EVD (…) in Beni and then confirmed at INRB (National Institute for Biomedical Research) laboratory in Goma”the provincial capital, referred to Ministry of Health In a statement dated August 21 released late Monday evening.

The “sequence” It also showed that this case was “Linked to the 2018 X outbreak strain and not a new introduction of the virus”Adds text, making sure that the difference “They are already working hard on the ground to implement response activities”. Around 160 contact status It has been identified so far, the ministry said.

East Africa Regional OfficeWorld Health Organization And the (World Health Organization) announced, on Saturday, that an investigation is underway in this suspected case, which was registered less than two months after the official investigation ended. Fourteenth Ebola virus outbreak It took place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 1976, killing five people in the West in three months.

Ebola virus disease is often fatal, but Vaccines Therapies now exist for this purpose hemorrhagic fevertransmitted to humans by infected animals. Human transmission occurs through body fluidswith the main symptoms of feverAnd the vomitingAnd the bleedingAnd the Diarrhea.

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“Ebola re-emergence is occurring frequently in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and it is worrying”Dr. Machidiso Moeti, Director of the World Health Organization Africa. However, she added, “The health authorities in North Kivu have been able to stop many of the Ebola outbreaks, and based on this experience, there is no doubt that they will be brought under control quickly.”.

The WHO Regional Office determines that the Democratic Republic of the Congo “She has 1,000 doses of ERVEBO vaccine against the Ebola virus, 200 of which will be sent to Beni this week”. And to add: It is expected to start soon the circular vaccination, which includes vaccinating contacts and contacts to reduce the spread of the virus and protect lives.“.

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