Room 6 wins the Perseides Grand Prize for Jury


The festival capitalized on the presence of Micheline Lanctôt in Bercy, and presented her with a tribute award reminiscent of her importance to the Quebec film scene over the past 50 years.

The winners of the 14th Percy International Film and Arts Festival, which took place from 16 to 21 August, were announced during a ceremony at the new Percydis Cinema.

Feature Film Cabin No. 6 Finnish director Juho Kosmanen won the Grand Jury Prize. Written by director and actress Micheline Lanctôt and director of photography Yves Belanger, they stress his humanity, sensitivity, and the very high quality of the look he poses on two characters who are not meant for collusion. The jury also noted “the simplicity of the story that multiplies surprises and never gives in to cliches, and the originality of the emotion it evokes.”

Feature film won Best Canadian Documentary Feature Gabor Directed by Joannie Lafrenière. This Quebec City filmmaker will receive a post-production grant of $5,000 which is awarded in partnership with the National Film Council of Canada and ACIC (Aide au Cinéma Indépendant du Canada).

Two feature films received special mention from the jury, including the feature film Noémie says yes By Genevieve Albert “For the audacity of the subject addressed, the investment in a challenging narrative and the courage of the performers.” Feature Film Very nice day Written by Patrice Laliberte won the jury for “intelligence and total success of the project, mastery of its organization and full understanding of the challenge posed by the choice of its technology”.

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Garfield Coquillage by French director Paul Marquis Duarte won Best International Short Film, while Best Quebec Short Film award went to Brazier directed by Emily Manring. Special mention has been given to love me by Romain Garant Chartrand

Les Percéides also announced the creation of a new award in animated cinema, the award for Best Animated Short Film that went to the short film OrHoDa By Degla Alt Sokda, Quebec-based film director. The jury appreciated “the problem of color which lends the story a sacred dimension and immerses us in the roots of the director’s ancestors. Finally, a special mention was given to black triangle Written by Marie Noel Moreau Rubidas, who knew how to create “graphics imbued with tenderness and a story that blends the destructive dangers of nature with our often-stuck in ice humanity.”

Furthermore, the Prix Gaspésie-Les-les is now called the Prix Louis-Roy-Gaspésie-Les-les in honor of the famous Gaspé resident Louis Roy. Born in Baie-des-Chaleurs, he began showing films at the age of six in the cinema of his village, Port-Daniel. Through his dedication to the seventh art, he helped make cinema accessible on the peninsula through the many Papus movie theaters and auto theaters in Chandler Municipality, which are still in operation today.

This year, she was awarded the Louis-Roy-Gaspésie-Les-les Award for Documentary Short Film Those who listen to whales Directed by Maryse Goudreau, based in Eskomenac. This short film seemed essential, “The Song of Whales reminds us that it’s midnight minus one for our planet and that we must act now.”

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Benefiting from Micheline Lanctôt’s presence in Bercy, the festival has awarded her a tribute award recalling her importance to the Quebec film scene over the past 50 years. The fifteenth edition of Les Percéides Festival will take place in Gaspésie from 15-20 August 2023.

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