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GP3R: Fans are avoiding the event

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Since the new health measures were announced, the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières has had to deal with requests for reimbursement from spectators who refuse to participate in the event.

On Tuesday, GP3R announced new measures, based on the recommendation of the regional public health in response to the epidemiological situation in Mauritius. A mask is now mandatory at all times on the site and the distance between participants is reduced from one to two seats.

According to GP3R General Manager Dominique Fougere, it was only a small minority of people who called to request a refund. But the situation still had a negative impact on the event.

“It certainly hurts us. When we have compensation requests, it hurts. It hurts. However, the organization was prepared for this type of situation. The Director General told TVA Nouvelles that a budget had been planned to compensate for the potential loss of income.

The site must now be reorganized to meet regional public health recommendations. To do so, GP3R has suspended the sale of its tickets since last Saturday.

At the time, 75% of the suites’ capacity was reserved, according to Dominique Fougere. The remaining 25% will ensure a two-seat space between each of the amateur bubbles.

After the uncertainty and pitfalls, GP3R must also face another problem, which is the lack of volunteers.

Usually, the organization begins recruiting its volunteers in January. Something that was not possible before July 8 this year, when Public Health gave the go-ahead for the event to be held.

Since that date, recruitment has begun with organizations in the region that normally cooperate with GP3R. Many of them eventually withdrew.

Because of the pandemic, there are many organizations that do not need money. “They don’t need fundraising activities,” explained the hostel’s committee chair, Claude Allary.

A Facebook post has also been posted on his part to fill the volunteer positions that are still vacant. Mr. Naked is still looking for eight people for Friday, two for Saturday and two more for Sunday.

Once again, compliance with sanitary requirements complicates the task.

Preferably, GP3R wants volunteers who are doubly vaccinated, or willing to take a quick screening test on Friday. According to the hostel manager, organizations often send young volunteers. They are less likely to be vaccinated, Mr. Naked said, which complicates the matter.

The Director General also invites all those who wish to visit the GP3R site to participate in the event as volunteers.

Mr. Fougere wishes, in this very special year, to offer a fun and safe event for all.

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