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NHL Requires Staff To Be Vaccinated Twice Beginning Sept. 13

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We learned yesterday that planes will be able to fill their yard during the 2021-22 season… but everyone who wants to attend a meeting in person should be double vaccination.

Attending a Canadiens game will also require proof of vaccination in Montreal, where the Legault government will require a vaccination passport from September 1 to participate in large gatherings. We still don’t know if the Bell Center will be able to fill an entire house, or if there will be restrictions on the number of supporters allowed.

On the other hand, an employer like Al-Kindi cannot require the vaccination of one of its employees because it is located in Quebec. At least not now. It will conflict with the basic right to work, which is much more important / essential That the right to recreation in our province.

Know that the NHL, whose offices are south of the border, will go further. At least that’s what the plague of the old guard reported. The NHL reportedly intends to require its staff (in the head office) to be double vaccinated from September 13, or else it will not give them more hours (and they won’t get paid anymore).

Is the information shared by Avery 100% correct? Is the alternative? Regular negative test can also accept? We’ll probably know in a few days.

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NHL lost Millions billion dollars due to the pandemic (suspension of its activity, bubbles Canadian, empty stands, etc.)

I’m no expert on US labor law, but it will be interesting to see if this decision breaks down legal barriers. Note that New York City is one of the only large U.S. cities that intends to provide a vaccination passport at this time.

On the other hand, we repeat ourselves, but asking for proof of vaccination for a non-essential activity is much different than asking for it so that we can go to work. In Quebec, that labor shortage could make it more difficult for many entrepreneurs and for now, it would be illegal. A Canadian cannot impose such a thing on his employees (without offering an alternative to the normal negative test).

At the same time, if everyone is vaccinated, we will help our health system … which is holding up as strong as the old Soviet hospital systems found in small towns hours away from Moscow.

Remember, some NHL players still didn’t get two doses of the vaccine last spring. How’s the league will deal with refractories? She will have to agree to respect the jurisdiction of each of her prerogatives…

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