Monday, July 22, 2024

Grasshopper reveals a trailer and trilogy release for No More Heroes 3

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Grasshopper Manufacture continues to turn the heat upside down for its August 27th No More Heroes III release! Today’s program: A trailer reviewing the history of the series and the announcement of a great version of the trilogy.

Did you miss the No More Heroes series? Don’t worry, Grasshopper has got you covered A video clip reviewing all the episodes released so far. Yeah yeah, even Travis Strikes Again who was there above all to keep fans waiting, and failed to deliver the quality of the core games released on the Wii. The video is in English with Japanese subtitles but, as Grasshopper reminds us, you’ll be able to try licensing with No More Heroes III without completely missing out.

This new trailer is also an opportunity to discover Some unseen photos of No More Heroes III. In it, Travis will face the galactic superheroes, who are still armed with one of the great lightsaber.

The video ends with a file advertisement ├ędition sp├ęciale, no more heroes III million dollar trilogyAt 9,800 yen (about 75 euros at the current transfer rate). A perfect opportunity to take charge of the Three Episodes on the Switch, let’s hope this one arrives in France one day!

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