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Greenhouse owners predicted madness this year

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Beautiful herbs, squirrels, blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers … many saguenians and guanese will grow fruits and vegetables in their garden for the next few weeks. Demand is so great that greenhouse owners struggle to keep up.

We opened 15 days earlier than planned and even earlier the phone rang, asking for blueberries, tomato plants, and cucumbers. The cucumbers people wanted were not grownHugues Laberge, the owner of Domaine de l’Horticulture located in Chicoutimi-Nord, admitted.

Dennis Turcotte, co-owner of Serres Louise Turcotte, expects the frenzy that began last year as health restrictions continue to last indefinitely.

I know there are a lot of people who fear running out of it because there was a shortage in the last year, but like all of our fellow producers, we know there’s a craze, so we’re organized accordingly.Explained.

We are crazy for the fruit trees and berry plants at Domaine de l’horticulture located in Chicoutimi-Nord.

Photo: Radio Canada / Flavy Villeneuve

The nights are still cold

However, the temperature is not favorable enough for growing fruits and vegetables, as the nights remain cool at this time of year. So traders are warning budding gardeners who are in a hurry.

Sometimes we want so much to get it too soon, and then after that we have a hard time keeping it. It is better to wait a little while until the temperature has reached well for planting our vegetablesHughes LaBerge explained.

Because keeping plants indoors with insufficient lighting results in plants that wither, grow too tall, are a bit soft, and won’t give good results. Great enthusiasm might change to “I’m disgusting, I won’t work in the garden anymore”Denise Turcotte added.

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According to the report of Flavi Villeneuve

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