Greetings “in style” by Guy Lafleur

It was at the request of Jay LaFleur and his family that the songs primaryby Jeanette Reno and my wayby Frank Sinatra, echoed at the Bell Center Sunday evening during the sober and poignant salute of the blond devil.

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The Al Kindi organization bid a beautiful farewell to one of its greatest legends, before meeting up with the Boston Bruins.

With the presentation of archival photos of the best moments of the idol’s career on the ice, spectators were able to hear his favorite song and singer.

“It was at the request of Jay and his family,” explains Canada’s Vice President of Communications, Chantal Matchabe.

The Canadian organization also invited Mrs. Reno to come and sing primary At the Bell Center ice rink on Sunday evening. “But it wasn’t there,” Chantal Matchabe confirms.

Mutual admiration

The mutual admiration of Guy Lafleur and Jeannette Reno has been known to each other for a long time. Jeannette Reno wrote on her Facebook page on Friday that she sang “J’aime Guy, j’aime Guy” at the start of her career.

“I was the first man to whom I declared my love in the recording and perhaps also the last, continues the translator. I have lived a life like you: full of passion and strength, full of strength and courage.”

A few days ago, the Quebec Remembrances also paid tribute to Guy LaFleur, at the Videotron Center. This time it’s the room Those who leavestill by Jeannette Reno, who played on a montage of archive photos.

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“Loving the man, Jeanette. They were two symbols of Quebec.” register Michel Bergeron, who owned it path with the New York Rangers.

her favorite song

For those close to him, Jay LaFleur would have liked us to play my way Frank Sinatra during his final tribute to his fans.

According to Michel Bergeron, the song represented the way Guy LaFleur conducted his career and lived his life. “The man has always made his life his own way. It was wonderful,” explains Michel Bergeron.

at a funeral?

At the moment, we do not know whether primary And my way At a state funeral to honor Jay LaFleur on Tuesday, May 3rd.

“It has not yet been decided,” Chantal Matchabe recalled. We are currently working on all the funeral logistics, such as guest lists and media locating. We haven’t gone into those details yet.”

meaningful words

Jay LaFleur finds himself a lot in words my wayWritten by Frank Sinatra. What was this song from 1969 based on the French hit song? As usual ? Here is a free translation of a few clips.

my way

my way

And now the end is near;

Now that the end is near.

And so I face the last curtain,

And I face the last curtain,

My friend, I will say it clearly,

My friend, I will say it out loud,

I will mention my case, I am sure of it.

I will defend my case, I am sure of it.

I have lived a full life.

I have lived a full life.

I’ve traveled every highway.

I traveled all the ways.

and much more,

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and much more,

I’ve done it my way.

I’ve done it my way.

Regret, I’ve had few;

Regret, I had some;

But then again, too few to mention.

But again, very little to mention.

I did what I had to do

I did what I had to do

I saw her pass without exception.

I did it with nothing that saved me.

I have planned each chartered course;

I have planned every initiative.

Every careful step along the way,

Every careful step of my way,

and much more,

and much more,

I’ve done it my way.

I’ve done it my way.


I think I did all of that;

I think I did all this;

And let me say – not in a timid way,

And I enjoy saying it – boldly,

No, no no I,

Oh no, shyness is not for me

I’ve done it my way.

I did it my way.

Why is he a man, what has happened?

Because what is a person and what does he possess?

If not himself, then he had something,

If he is not himself, he has nothing,


The record shows that I took the blows,

History records that I received blows,

I did it my way!

This is what I did my way!

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