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Guardian of ‘good science’, sociologist Gerald Brunner expelled in court – Liberation

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The researcher sued for defamation of “Le Monde” journalists Stefan Hurrell and Stefan Vokart, as well as sociologist Sylvain Lorenz, co-authors of a survey about new lobbying strategies in the science debate where he was targeted.

Legal defeat for sociologist Gerald Brunner. The professor at the University of Paris (Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot merger) sued two journalists Globalism Stéphane Horel and Stéphane Foucart, as well as sociologist and Director of Studies at EHESS Sylvain Laurens, are all three co-authors of Mind Guardians, investigating scientific misinformation (La Découverte), published in 2020. It was rejected by a Paris court on June 21, according to a document I consulted. Release.

The collective belief specialist has estimated that the chapter passage to which he was devoted entirely, titled Gerald Brunner, Synthetic Rational Thinkerpointing to the “Academic path is surprisingly unclear” without “Area of ​​Specialization” Well defined, it calls into question his reputation as an academic. Furthermore, Gerald Brunner considered the passage to imply no mobilization Usual methods in sociology. Since 2002, his publications, according to the book’s authors, have been more than“a test” of scientific research in line with Methodological rules for university research

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