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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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We’ve long sought a new TV-guilty pleasure to devour without moderation while giving our gray matter a respite. And Netflix presents it to us on Wednesday on a silver platter with In the kitchen with Paris Hilton.

Let’s get one thing straight first. No, we don’t watch In the kitchen with Paris Hilton (where Cooking with Paris, in its original version) while watching Ricciardo or Gordon Ramsay perform in their stands. And we’ll never try to reinvent his “recipes”, as most of them require a huge amount of edible sprinkles, unicorn-shaped molds and multicolored pops.

Far from being a boiler ace, the rich heiress struggles to make a simple French toast or handle an electric mixer. Nor are her various guests, from Kim Kardashian to Demi Lovato, who are in a position to offer her advice. In short, we’re getting close to here nailed it! what about chef.

Self ridicule

Which is probably why this new six-episode series, available starting Wednesday, is doing so well. Because at no time does Paris Hilton take herself too seriously. Whether you’re shopping for party dresses and high-heeled shoes or vegan dumplings with a diamond-encrusted spoon (yes, you read that right), it shows a sense of intense self-morality.

This fair-haired girl character is a bit silly (let’s say it politely), Paris Hilton totally assumes it. It lends itself to a game of heart and faith. Yes, it is fabricated or, at least, greatly exaggerated when cameras are attached to it. But it works. And we have to admit he’s totally lovable.

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As we’ll admit, we only knew the outlines of Paris Hilton’s career and major adventures, after skipping over reality shows like My new BFF and the others simple life (Middle East and Africa neglect). We also admit that we’ve made short work of this culinary novelty, fascinated and hilarious in front of the American star, but we’re also unable to tell the line between reality and fantasy.

Are the conversations between Paris Hilton and her friends totally spontaneous and impromptu? We doubt it. And yes, they are an unknown void. But the important thing is that it is fun and entertaining to no end.

In short, empty calories have never been so satisfying. And that, says the main interested party, “is exciting.” Or “it’s hot,” literally, like his stoves.

In the kitchen with Paris Hilton It arrives Wednesday on Netflix.

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