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Halo: Paramount + series has its first teaser trailer with Master Chief

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Combat aura evolvedThe players were pleased to learn that multiplayer Free to play from infinite aura available for everyone now with season 1. However, this was not the only licensing related announcement. In fact, futuristic tv series Live action or direct event Which is In production since 2013 And who will be in the end? broadcast on Paramount + Next year He got his first teaser, a preview that includes something to reassure fans.

We discover who is behind Pablo Schreiber who embodies Master Head, The Spartan John 117His scars are clearly visible without seeing his face in an instant. Then we are shown short clips of his iconic armor, before we see him donning his signature helmet, like Cortana Hey, she’s going to play Jane Taylor. The logo is shown on the licensing theme, simple and effective. Hopefully this appetizer will soon be followed by a real trailer detailing the scenario and showing us all the ambition of this project he’s been up to show time in partnership with 343 industries And Amblin TV. Possible photos on the run It appeared on the web last June.

serial Hello Unexpected before the first quarter of 2022. Until then, we’ll be able to find out infinite aura and find there Master Head. It could be the game Pre-ordered Amazon priced at €69.99.

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