Five teens are hospitalized after being shot near a high school in Colorado

City police said five teens aged 14-17 were taken to hospital on Monday after he was shot in a shooting near a high school in Aurora, Colorado.

Police in Aurora, a Denver suburb, reported a Twitter account of “several people with gunshot wounds” after the shooting by an “unidentified suspect” who fled the scene.

β€œA total of five people were taken to the hospital, aged between 14 to 17,” the police then said, noting that β€œthe shooting did not take place inside the school,” but nearby.

Colorado, in the western United States, suffered one of the worst murders in American history.

In 1999, two teens murdered 12 classmates and teachers at Columbine High School. And in 2012, a heavily armed man shot dead 12 people in a cinema in Aurora, during a screening of a Batman movie dedicated to, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

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