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THQ Nordic says the original 4K is not available on the PS5 due to technical reasons

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Long awaited, Biomutant Some people are already dissatisfied with following the videos of the various versions of the game that was revealed last week. The video for the PS5 in particular is at the heart of the discussions, Since the game will only be able to display “only” 1080p upscaling to 4K, Unlike Xbox Series X which can display native 4K. Thq north To Twitter to clear things up.

The decision was discussed on the PS5

After several questions, the publisher determined that the game would work on PS5 at 1080p and upgraded to 4K on PS5 due to Technical reasons It is not known at the moment, but at launch, PS5 players will have to be satisfied with this decision, which can be improved later via correction.

It is also necessary to remember thisThis is not the original PS5 version, but the PS4 version that works on the PS5. Biomutant It does not have any real next-generation versions at the moment, and the latest consoles are content to improve the performance of older generation versions of the game.

Biomutant It will be available on May 25 tomorrow on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Our test will soon arrive at the site.

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