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Hantavirus infections have been reported in the department…

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in BoliviaDepartment of Zoonoses Virgen de Chaguaya Hospital to me PremigoIn section taria On July 4, 2022, it announced that 4 cases of infection were confirmed hantavirus It has been reported and the regional health system has issued an alert.

Although the type of hantavirus has not been identified, it should be noted that it is most often the virus responsible for the Amazon Basin lowlands in Bolivia. hantavirus pulmonary syndrome he is the Laguna Nigra virus Which host rodent is little mouse vesper (Calomes Laucha).

Hantavirus-infected areas are areas Gran Chaco provinceArch. The cases of hantavirus infection in the Tariqa department are not new and there are sporadic cases.

Turn on reminders New world Hantavirus

The hantavirus pulmonary syndrome It is a serious lung disease caused by a HantaIt is a virus that belongs to the family Poniaviride.

Symptoms usually appear 2-4 weeks after exposure to the virus. The first symptoms are fatigue, fever, muscle aches, and headache. Then 1 to 5 days after symptoms appear, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome occurs, which combines coughing and difficulty breathing.
There is no specific treatment or vaccine.

The tank animal is one of the rodents whose species differ in different regions of the world. Humans are accidental hosts for these viruses, which can be transmitted by inhalation of aerosols contaminated with the feces or urine of infected rodents or by direct contact with live or dead infected rodents or their feces or urine.

Recommendations for hikers:

  • Use sites designated for camping or day holding.
  • Do not sleep on contact with grass.
  • Travel on specific paths.
  • Maintain healthy hand and food.
  • Consume clean water and do not collect wild fruits in areas where rodents appear.
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Source: ProMED.

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