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He created the dune world in his living room in Longueuil

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Rewrite what is visible

Even if he is completely immersed in Herbert’s environmental construction work for Denis Villeneuve’s latest film, the artist knows that the novelist’s world has been interpreted, then reinterpreted, and imagined in different ways. by all who read it.

For Patrice Vermette, the challenge was multidimensional. On the one hand, it was necessary to reconsider Dune, written in 1965, without distorting it, then spraying a little of his personal color on it while retaining the essential ingredient: a vision that has been quietly built into Denis Villeneuve’s head from the first reading that has bothered me forever. “There’s always the insight that Dennis had when he read the book,” Vermit says. He was son Delivered. “

Given this, what is the role of the visual designer Dune?

We start from nothing , he simply says. in his job whether to Dune Or any other cinematic project, it’s a matter of “back to basics”, or “find poetry” the first reading of a screenplay or book made for the screen.

Was a little the same in Access. We had a very American scenario, while short story It was very airy. Often you have to go back to the original spirit.

Quote from:Patrice Vermet

Definitely depends on the movies , he adds. In case Access, for example, shows that many of the elements taken from the script were already very colourful, even in writing. ” [Comme] Ship, language, etc. But we know that sometimes the scenario has flaws. in a DuneThere were a lot of traps! When you read it, everything works, but then you say to yourself, “Wait a minute. In fact, it works less.” “

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This is where, according to him, the whole need for a visual designer lies – a French translation of the word ” production designer ». For him, the visual designer enhances the desired quality of the film product.

Basically, for Patrice Vermette, being a visual designer is a bit like organizing a great mass rewrite to achieve an outcome that will, in any case, depend on a large number of trades. “There is first writing in the text. After that, the other writing is done when we develop the project in soft prep Or by setting up with the director and director of photography. Then, there is finally a third rewriting in the editorial, because there are decisions to be made, especially with regard to tempo, with respect to [l’ordre des scènes] Or according to the dramatic rise. “

Patrice Vermet in Décor DuneFilming in Budapest in 2019Photo: Courtesy of Patrice Vermet

features of the universe Dune It took eight months to materialize. Eight months of discussions with Denis Villeneuve to define an overall vision and draw sketches according to places, characters and atmospheres, to put them in the hands of the painters who made everything digestible, tangible and almost real.

What he calls “Angel” Dune », Patrice Vermette specifies that more than 500 illustrations have been worked on as models to develop the visual image potential. And to reach those 500, there were thousands more He confirms that his eyes are wide.

Months of effort to ensure that the world was once in Budapest, where the filming (among other things) took place. Dune He designed it to be in place for those who circle around it, in front of it, and behind it. “It not only informs the team, but also the people after production, it informs DOP [directeur de la photographie], people in lighting, etc. It’s not just a matter of settings. “

Being a visual designer is [faire] Aesthetic options, but not only. that it [faire] Choices that tell a story, too. We make the universe, we propose it. We have an eye to make sure everyone is in the same line. We are all working on the same movie. in synergy.

Quote from:Patrice Vermet

In early September, when Dune It was (finally) shown on the big screen at the Venice Film Festival, by Scott Feinberg, from The Niche magazine The Hollywood Reporter wrote that ” Dune from Villeneuve [allait] Definitely – and should – be nominated for an Academy Award for Patrice Vermitt’s visual design.” If that possibility materializes, it would be the third time the craftsman from Quebec has appeared in the first selection for the world’s most famous award show, after experiencing the excitement of Victoria: The Queen’s Young Years (Little Victoria– Collaborated with another Quebec director, Jean-Marc Vallee (crazy) – And Access.

This possibility It is not based on chance or luck , thought his old friend Denis Villeneuve, who frankly praises the art of his visual designer. For at least a decade, Patrice Vermitt has not only appeared in the credits of the most famous films, but his talent for being a pillar of the visible universe and creating universes – political, historical, desert and dramatic – has been claimed by famous directors, such as Adam McKay or Alejandro González Iñáritu, or even Hollywood studios. grand.

For Denis Villeneuve, Patrice Fermi Passionate and hardworking person Its visual signature draws its sources from in-depth knowledge of contemporary art and architecture, and is influenced by the province of Quebec in the 1970s. Among other things, he has great attention to detail. He leaves nothing to chance in his work , he insists.

Patrice Vermett is a unique and rare talent.

Quote from:Denis Villeneuve

The director believes that, like many Quebec artists who shine internationally, it is also a gift Do more with less This allowed Patrice Vermett to be a world-class visual designer.

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