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Health measures: the disparities that make people talk

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The Canadian’s qualifying run exposed Quebec players to a set of images that show the huge gap between health measures here and those in the United States. Is it time to throw in some ballast? Experts think it might not be as much as our neighbors to the south, but maybe a little bit for the fully vaccinated people.

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Who is right to manage it health measures?

“The current situation in Quebec tells me we made the right decision,” appreciates IUCPQ intensification expert Matthew Simon, who remembers that countries that were dismantled more quickly saw their case count rise.

Conversely, the situation in the United States, Florida for example, has nothing to envy, adds population health researcher Maude Laberge. In recent weeks, the rate of new cases per 100,000 in Hillsborough County, where Tampa is located, has been hovering around 63, while it was about 25 in Montreal. It is almost three times higher.

“Just because our neighbor does something doesn’t mean it should be done either, especially if it isn’t a good idea.”

These differences and Gatherings in the center Could it be done Bill harm measurements Public Health ?

It’s all part of the risk management strategy, expert analysis. Extremely low outdoor movement, as well as low-risk populations during gatherings, present an “acceptable” risk that would not be indoors.

“It’s like raising a family. If you’re too tough, you’ll have kids who will rebel and do a lot worse than just not clean their room,” Photo Ds Simon.

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Basically, experts believe it’s not because we’ve accepted that some people take an inch of the rope, but rather that it’s absolutely necessary to give it a go.

with NHL players exempt from quarantine, we can look reopen border soon for the people?

Matthew Simon sees the NHL playoffs as a “little neighborhood lab.” “If it works for them, I think we should open up to people who are doubly vaccinated. There is no longer any reason to restrict people who have taken two doses,” the doctor believes.

Currently, the borders will be closed until July 21.

“This is where the idea of ​​a vaccine passport should allow this kind of thing,” adds Maud Laberge, of Université Laval, speaking of a “strong incentive.”

What about the delta variable While you see some countries complicate their situation?

Even if we reach the goal of fully vaccinating 75% of the population by the end of the summer, this still leaves two million people vulnerable to a more contagious variant, specialists recall.

“We can’t say we’re completely safe,” researcher Maud Laberge analyzes, noting that in countries where delta prevalence is strongest, this occurs in people who have not been fully vaccinated or not vaccinated at all.

“We can expect a lot of tension in the fall because vaccinated people will not accept being redefined because of those who are not,” sees D for his part.s Simon.

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