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Lightning can lose their entire third streak this off season

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On the eve of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final Series, John Cooper spoke to the media.

He said the important thing is to win and not in which stadium/city his team wins. His words obviously make a lot of sense considering that last year, his forces were thousands of miles away from his supporters in Florida.

And this season, Tampa Bay will have two chances to win the Stanley Cup in Montreal.

A small reminder that the Canadian government has not given permission for players’ families to come and celebrate with them.

Obviously, the optimal conclusion would be to claim honors at the Amalie Arena, but winning the fourth trophy in Montreal wouldn’t be bad for them either.

For Tampa Bay, the possible celebrations will be short-lived in 2021. First, the 2022 season is fast approaching, and secondly, due to a salary cap, many players will leave the team. no way. And Nikita Kucherov and Stephen Stamkos will not spend the entire season in the dispensary. So maybe Al Jords, Johnson, Marron, Coleman and Goudreau are in their last moments in this uniform.

The Florida team could lose their third streak completely. Barkley Goudreau, Yanni Gord and Blake Coleman could leave Florida. Coleman and Gudrow become free agents at the end of the playoffs and Jordan earns a salary of approximately $5.166 million per season through 2024-2025. Tyler Johnson could also leave with his five million salary. He’s been skipped in waivers multiple times this season, so it will be interesting to see what Lightning GM does to get rid of his contract.

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At the very least, Tampa Bay would have two Stanley Cups with this formation (if CH didn’t go up the slope).

Even John Cooper compares the fourth and possibly the fifth, sixth and seventh games to the last day of fifth high school. On the last day of school with friends you may never see them againThis is the reality of the team.

The core of the team: Kucherov, Vasilevskiy, Stamkos, Point and Palat are unlikely to be traded, but it is clear that the players in the third and fourth rows who are paid first and second line players will have to leave.

Julian BriseBois will cut his business mid-season. Perhaps the Seattle Kraken could help him choose one of his top employees.

FYI, the expansion draft will be implemented on July 21.

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