Health restrictions in Beijing | Washington suspends 44 flights from Chinese companies to China

(Washington) Washington announced Friday the suspension of 44 passenger flights from the United States to China due to the COVID-19-related health restrictions that Beijing has imposed on American airlines.

Posted yesterday at 11:38 PM.

China maintains very strict control over entry into its territory, including canceling flights if the number of cases on board is too high.

China’s aviation authority used this policy to cancel American, Delta and United Airlines flights when passengers who tested negative before takeoff later tested positive on their arrival in China.

The US Department of Transportation wrote in its order Friday that this action is in the public interest and harms the operations of Delta, America and United and requires corrective action by the department.

“US companies that follow all Chinese rules regarding pre-departure and on-flight protocols should not be penalized if passengers tested positive after arrival with COVID-19,” she added.

The 44 affected flights are operated by Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines, and were scheduled to operate between January 30 and March 29.

The move came less than three weeks before the start of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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