Health: Women and men are not equal when it comes to pain

It is a neural difference between the sexes that will be the root of inequality in pain perception, which points to the work of American and Canadian scientists on the topic, recently published in the section brain From the Oxford University Publishing website. Specifically, there is a difference in the neurons of the spinal cord, details neon who transmits the study.

The media reports that “the protein responsible for pain sensitivity does not cause the same reactions in human tissues of females and males,” adding that the authors of the report believe that more research is needed on this topic, in order to determine “the effects are more than estrogen and progesterone.” (Female hormones, editor’s note) on the evolution of pain in rodents and humans,” say the scientists.

The beginning of better patient care?

This discovery could change the way women and their suffering are welcomed and heard by caregivers. Because even then, it is systematically reduced when expressed, the report asserts, and patients more frequently see oriented toward psychiatric care when men are on medication.

Furthermore, the authors note that clinical trials rarely focus on women’s conditions and diseases. “A male-biased approach has dominated neuroscience research, including pain, and it is usually unwarranted,” the Canadian-American study laments.

For example, chronic pain that is not treated by medication mainly affects female patients who represent 57% of the 12 million chronically ill patients in France. Neon notes that it or even migraines they get twice as much.

In 7 out of 10 cases, these painful sensations are not treated properly, reports the French Association for the Study and Treatment of Pain, and that treatments are the same regardless of the gender of the person involved.

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It is time to eliminate the differences.

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