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Health workers who haven’t been vaccinated: ‘Changing jobs,’ says doctor

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Caregivers who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19 must completely change professions, a French doctor rules following the vaccination obligation for health workers in France.

“It’s not acceptable for caregivers to contaminate patients. We have to change jobs, we weren’t created for that, what!” […] If you don’t want to protect patients, you have the wrong job. Go and do something else ”, protested the head of the medical pharmacy service at the University Hospital (CHU) in Bordeaux,s Mathieu Molimar, in an interview on QUB Radio on Tuesday.

considered ds Molimar commented on the government’s decision to impose vaccination on all health workers, including nurses, midwives, doctors and paramedics.

According to him, the procedure “was well received” in the Bordeaux hospital, where about 80% of the staff were vaccinated.

Things get tough outside of hospitals. “In nursing home or hospitalization structures for the elderly, where there is less medical presence and less time to explain, we come to disasters with 40% of staff, vaccinated caregivers,” the doctor said.

En France, à peine 53% de la population a reçu au moins une dose du vaccin contre la COVID-19, si bien que le variant Delta, hautement contagieux, gagne aujourd’hui du terrain, lui qui représente maintenant 60% des cas dans Country.

“We have an outbreak looming and we are already starting to see a few patients in hospital,” the doctor said, noting that the next wave, expected in September, could parade in August in France.

In addition to imposing vaccination, the French government intends to request a health permit that will be necessary for some non-essential activities.

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These measures shocked the French, with more than 1.7 million people receiving awards in the wake of the announcement.

“People were waiting, waiting, procrastinating, and suddenly they were like ‘You can’t go to the bar anymore.’ It’s very French, so we go in, we’re all going to get vaccinated and we stand in line like sheep and we’re unhappy because it’s a healthy dictatorship.” […] We are spoiled children, enjoy ds Molymar noting that more than 9 million doses are in French refrigerators.

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