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Hearthstone présente l’extension Forged in the Barrens

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At BlizzCon 2021, Blizzard announced an arrivalGeneral Griffin To play cards online Hearth stone. The first expansion of daylight visibility will be Forged in Barnes It is inspired by the famous crowd area World of Warcraft.

A new base deck will be added to Hearthstone and will replace the existing base and classic cards. A total of 235 cards (old and new cards) will be added to the program.

To add to the celebrations, Hearthstone is preparing for a new classic mode that will allow players to build decks as if they were in 2014, that is, with the limited card deck at the time.

Finally, the situation Mercenaries Scheduled to take place later this year will occupy both singles and competitors The goal is to form a winning team using the heroes and villains of Azeroth. Little by little, mercenaries will gain new experience, equipment, and skills and will develop into more powerful versions of themselves. The tasks will be randomly generated to ensure maximum restart.

Full details of Forged in Barrens expansion

  • Pre-order: $ 62.99
  • 135 new cards
  • 10 legendary mercenaries; Each represents a category of hearth stone
  • Ranking Spells: Master your magic skills! With a new card for each class, Rank Spells will gain strength when you get 5 and 10 Mana Crystals
  • Key word fit In the inhospitable region of Barrens, the most docile plains canter can quickly become a veritable tornado of claws and feathers. Minions using the keyword Frenzy will have powerful effects the first time they survive damage
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Bande-annonce de Hearthstone: Forged at Barrens

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