The Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge will challenge you on Switch

Breakfirst games And For games only Today it’s announcing a brand new game that will challenge your reflexes: Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge.

Unveiled for the AG French Direct in the spring of 2022, the Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge is a fast-paced and extravagant party game that can be played alone or with others. Call your friends, each take a Joy-Con and experience the frenetic pace of mini-games, each more delirious than the next!

A total of 100 fun mini-games, inspired by the “memes” of web and pop culture. Do you have all the references?

Wash, shave, pick up, mow, cut, spread, dodge, blow… All your skills will be tested. Play with or against your friends. Together or in return, it doesn’t matter what you choose, everyone plays at the same time all the time, and there’s no downtime! You have no friends, no thanks for the duty. The Ultra Mega Xtra story mode is here for it! You are the most pitiful player on earth… A mysterious figure appears out of nowhere and comes to train you to become the ‘most powerful’ player in the universe!

Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge will be available on Nintendo Switch in Fall 2022

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