Heat wave hits western Canada

According to meteorologist Armel Castellane, a thermal dome has formed over many areas and the wind is unable to move it.

The temperatures accumulate over the previous day’s temperatures. You wake up in the morning and it’s hotter than the day before.

Quote from:Armelle Castellane, Environment Canada

Extremes are expected on Sunday and Monday in British Columbia and early next week in Alberta.

In Kamloops, British Columbia, the temperature should be 42°C. In Metro Vancouver, highs are expected to be between 31°C and 40°C.

38°C in Edmonton

In Edmonton, temperatures are likely to reach 38 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday. In Calgary, high temperatures are expected to reach 37 degrees Celsius on the same days.

It is expected to be cold overnight, but it is not enough for our bodies to recover from hot days, believes Mr. Castellan.

Environment Canada is advising the public to drink plenty of water, even before they feel thirsty. You should also remain calm and monitor your health, including nausea or a rapid pulse that the heat may cause.

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