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Her movie The Goddess of Fire Flies is Quebec’s # 1!

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the movie Goddess of Fire is flyingAny advantages Caroline Nero And the Kelly warehouseIt is now number one at the box office in Quebec!

Just two weeks after his return to the cinema, a feature film appearedAnais Barbu-Lavalette It passed in front of large American productions like Wonderful woman!

Caroline Nero So she can be very proud, because this movie marked her comeback in the game!

This is the second time Goddess of flies shooting Home box office hit: When it was first released on September 25, 2020, the feature was Canada’s # 1 movie in just six days, before hitting the screens after theaters closed.

Here is a summary Goddess of Fire is flying :

“On her sixteenth birthday, Catherine receives a yellow tablet, Moi and Christiane F’s book … and the right to go to the mall. It’s also the day his father deliberately rushes into a tree with his mom’s jeep. Catherine enters her teenage phase at the same time as Her parents start the divorce process in him. She doesn’t care. She’s so busy running Mélanie Belley, the big seed of St-Jean-Eudes that she terrorizes her for absolutely nothing – except perhaps the fact that Pascal, her boyfriend, has found Catherine desirable. Pascal from Billy, Catherine climbed the social ladder in high school and started “messing” with Mary Eve, the coolest girl in school. Catherine can’t wait to get to know everything. Exploration won’t be cute or romantic. From Pascal to Kevin, and from one slip to the next, she progresses. Of a lifetime in the violent and startling mess of grunge teenage in the 1990s.

The drama is an adaptation of the best-selling novel by author Genevieve Petersen And features Caroline NeroAnd the Kelly Dibault And the Norman Daimour.

We highly suggest you go to the cinema and thus participate in the huge success of this Quebec movie!

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