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Here are the most beautiful cars in the world (according to science)

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Determining the most beautiful cars in the world has always been a topic of discussion for car enthusiasts, and of course, it has always been impossible to determine the best car with a unanimous vote. There are so many factors that ultimately affect the personal decision of the experts that no one has been able to answer this question … until now. At the moment, we only know what cars are the most amazing of this year 2021. According to Fitness Trainer And in its last order, the most beautiful car in the world is the Ferrari TR250 model 1957, followed by the BMW 507. This “news” did not satisfy many people and a huge wave of ratings and conversations emerged around the world. Nobody can agree.

How was the most beautiful cars in the world chosen?

To make all of this possible and determine the winner, the flag had to participate through the golden ratio (also known as the golden ratio, or god’s number or divine proportion) created in honor of the Greek sculptor Phidias. Throughout history, it has been included in the design of various architectural works and other arts, although some of these cases have been questioned by mathematicians and art scholars. This time, 200 favorite cars in history were analyzed and considered the most beautiful to determine the winner. The main idea came from a British platform called Carwows, which decided to apply science to answer the complex question: What is the most beautiful car in the world? Regardless of previous lists and standards, which made it possible to choose the 200 models that could claim the title, the golden ratio made it possible to fundamentally measure ideal levels in automotive aesthetics beyond their performance.

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The winners are …

With a standard of perfection from 0 to 100%, this ranking of the most beautiful cars in the world begins with the 1967 Ferrari 330, which received a score of 58.65%.

Then, at 60.07%, the 1974 Lotus Elite managed to reach the first places in the ranking.

The Ferrari 330 GTC 1967 and the 1964 Ford GT40 ranked second, roughly, with a mastery rate of 61%. Who needs an algorithm to know they’re beautiful?

And the biggest winner of the prize for the most beautiful car in the world is:

At 61.75%, the Ferrari Monza SP1 2019 achieved near perfect results in many of the 14 aspects measured by the algorithm, which include appearance as the maximum factor to be measured. This is not the first time that this model has appeared in the last rankings of the most beautiful cars, because for all experts its beautiful body is the perfect combination of classic cars and modernity.

Monza SP1 was recently launched on the “Icona” model and it costs about 2 million euros, so you can find it, as there are only 499 units in the world. Although the golden ratio cannot measure factors such as the engine’s sound or the comfort of the person driving it, here we share how you feel while driving on the streets of London:

The main aspects that entered the equation that determined the winners were the front and back of each car, the shape and size of the windows, doors, headlights, mirrors and interiors. Even the distance between each factor that was entered into the algorithm and it was determined that Ferrari Monza SP1 was superior (but not by much).

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