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Here’s how influencers celebrated Valentine’s Day this weekend

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Last Sunday, February 14th, the stars celebrated Valentine’s Day in different ways, each one more romantic than the next!

Despite the pandemic, influencers have found a way to spend a beautiful celebration of love in the company of loved ones. Instead, others took the opportunity to pay tribute to their lover.

Some celebrate moments alone, because Valentine’s Day is also an occasion to celebrate self-esteem! Like Elizabeth Ryo for example …

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Here’s how 20 influencers celebrated Valentine’s Day this weekend:

1. Sophie Nellis’ wonderful post take a picture Her and her boyfriend, Clovis Henard.

2. Reem Nabek wanted to announce her love for Chris with a beautiful text indicating that she wanted to marry him and have children!

3. Cindy Cornwire thanked her boyfriend Julian for being the best partner in life and in middle age.

4. Raphael Roy reminded us that self-esteem should come first when sharing a cute selfie.

5. Same for Jessica Prudencio, who smashed the internet with a “thirst trap” in lingerie!

6. Cassandra Bouchard and Cedric celebrated 6 years of love and decided to be together despite tough times.

7. Catherine Paquin indicated her desire to grow old with her boyfriend Antoine using the perfect filter for the occasion.

8. Vanessa Duchel and her friend enjoyed a lovely evening at a hotel in Montreal.

9. Alanis Désilets shared several pictures of her “Valentine’s Day”, her fiancé Joel.

10. Marina Bastrach shared her favorite photos of her lover, Le Pascal Tremblay.

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11. She spent her gray Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend Justin.

12. Maud Pauline spent the day outdoors with her longtime boyfriend and their lovable dog, Milo.

13. Renaud Blanchet shared a wonderful photo of a couple in nature with his girlfriend Maude.

14. Khat Lisard celebrated her 25th birthdayH Birthday in custody with her fiancé Fabrice.

15. Alex-Anne shared a romantic video of her and LP celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together.

16. Noemi sang for Cearty and Alex Nichols I wanna Dance With Somebody Completely.

17. In the middle of the action, Alicia Moffett shared adorable photos of her Valentine’s Day fans, friend Alex and their daughter Billy Lou.

18. Noemi Banz shared Polaroid photos with her boyfriend Jake.

19. Trudy and her boyfriend, Antoine, celebrated together their first Valentine’s Day, a party that the young woman especially loved.

20. Julie-Anne revealed some naughty photos of Jordan, as well as Valentine’s weekend in Charlevoix.

We hope you also had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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