High-protein diets lower testosterone levels

A new study shows that high-protein, low-carb diets can lower testosterone levels.

There are many systems. In general, athletes prefer a food With more protein, it is also called high protein diet. The latter generally consists of meat, fish, eggs, and protein powder. However, this would not be without risks for testosterone. In fact, a recent study published in review Nutrition and health On March 7, 2022, she just revealed it High-protein diets can reduce men’s testosterone levels by 37%.. This means an increased risk of infertility as well as a decrease in sperm count.

A high-protein diet affects testosterone levels

To reach this conclusion, a group of researchers from the University of Worcester, England (United kingdom) analyzed 27 studies involving more than 300 men. For information, low levels of testosterone are directly linked to an increased risk of certain chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, or even heart disease.Alzheimer’s disease.

The study first shows that people with Moderate protein diet and low carbohydrate dietThere was no change in testosterone. However, people who follow a high-protein, low-carb diet have lower testosterone levels.” It decreased significantly (…) at rest and after exercise Therefore, researchers suggest that People who consume such diets should be careful about the harmful effects of the endocrine system “.

In detail, the work shows that a sharp decrease in testosterone levels was observed in volunteers who consumed more than 35% of protein. The latter has decreased by 37%. To avoid this situation, lead author of the study Joseph Whitaker came to recommend these people ” Limit their protein intake to no more than 25%. In addition to this finding, the researchers noted that low-carb diets increase the hormone cortisol. As a reminder, high levels weaken the immune system and can make the body more susceptible to viral infections.

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