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High-protein diets reduce male fertility

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According to a team of English researchers, diets rich in protein are harmful to male fertility. They lower sperm and testosterone levels. explanations.

Don’t abuse protein-rich diets

There was a time when high-protein diets – that is, meat, fish, eggs, and protein-rich powders – were popular because they helped you lose weight quickly. Bad for the kidneys, they are frowned upon now. However, some people, especially men, continue to follow this type of diet.

High-protein diets have some success with men because they allow them to develop muscle mass. What makes them more manly? Not entirely. According to a study conducted by scientists from the University of Worcester, England, and published in the journal Nutrition and health On March 7, 2022, a diet that is very high in protein will affect male fertility.

More muscle but less sperm

The scientists looked at their work in 27 studies that included 309 healthy men. Then they found it Diets with more than 35% protein reduce the number of sperms in the semen. It also reduces testosterone levels by 37%.

In addition to reduced fertility, Low levels of testosterone can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Whoever says more protein also says less carbs and that’s a problem. According to researchers, it is possible that low-carb diets have endocrine effects. For those who still want to follow a high-protein diet, scientists recommend limiting their intake to 25%.

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