High Speed ​​Internet – $ 50 million to connect nearly 7,000 homes in Center de Quebec by September 2022 – Vingt55

To deploy high-speed internet services in Center-du-Québec, Sogetel will receive $ 24.2 million to cover 4,330 households. The total value of the project is $ 33 million. For its part, “COGICO” will get financing worth 14.4 million dollars to cover 2,600 families, for a project with a total value of 17.1 million dollars. The announced investments will accelerate the deployment of reliable and efficient infrastructure in the target municipalities, which is listed in the appendix. Over the next few weeks, Sogetel and Cogeco will conduct an inventory of target lands to ensure that no home is left without service.

High speed internet services are now essential in a modern society like Quebec. Access to effective, reliable and affordable Internet services is at the heart of the economic and social development of societies. The projects funded by the Canada-Quebec Operation high-speed are a key component of Quebec’s digital transformation and will enhance access to telemedicine, tele-education, entertainment, online sales and telework.

“Our government is committed to connecting all families in Quebec to high-speed internet services by September 2022, and we are pleased to announce the embodiment of our commitment in Center-du-Québec. All Centric residents will be able to take advantage of the benefits of this digital transformation on a daily basis. The development of our region necessarily requires access. To high speed internet.Farm buildings will also benefit from this infrastructure, which is excellent news for our producers. » – André Lamontagne, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Minister Responsible for the Center-du-Québec and Chaudière-Appalaches and Member of Parliament for Johnson

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« It is a great moment for our region. Lifestyle habits and digital display have evolved greatly in recent years. Internet access for remote work, distance learning and entertainment has become an essential service today. Our government has kept its word and is fulfilling its commitment to improving the lives of its citizens. From now on, our families, the self-employed, our enterprises and our businesses will be equipped with an efficient communication infrastructure.. » – Sebastian Schneiberger, Deputy Speaker of the Governmental House of Representatives and Member of Parliament for Drummond Boa Franks

« The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that it has never been of great importance to connect all Quebec residents to high-speed internet. This is why our government is investing to connect homes and businesses in Center-du-Québec by September 2022. With this historic announcement, thanks to our good cooperation with the Quebec government, we are increasing the potential for economic growth and helping improve the quality of life of Quebecers who live in the regions.. » – Joel Lightbound, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Member of the Federal Parliament for Louis Hébert

« It gives me great pleasure to join my colleagues in participating in this important announcement for the Quebec Center. Thanks to the partnership agreement with Sogetel and Cogeco, it will be possible to deploy the infrastructures that guarantee access to high-speed Internet services. We are investing heavily to allow Quebec to be a leader in connectivity. » – Gil Belanger, Parliamentary Assistant to the Prime Minister of Quebec (High Speed ​​Internet Component)

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“What a great advertisement for Arthabaska and L’Érable RCMs, as well as for all Center-du-Québec! Connecting the entire region to an efficient, reliable and affordable high-speed internet service has been a project close to my heart for several years. The current health crisis has clearly and precisely demonstrated it. This access is a critical factor. This is an ambitious project, but to do so, everyone has a role to play, I would like to thank my colleague Jill Belanger, Parliamentary Assistant to the Prime Minister, for the high-speed Internet component as well. It is possible to realize this huge project that is beneficial for the entire population. ” – Eric Lefevre, MP for Arthabaska and Head of the Flagellate Government

« In a rural area like ours, it is vital that internet services be accessible to everyone. That’s why we wanted to ensure that we didn’t forget anyone. In addition, as the service will be deployed in all residences, agricultural buildings will also be able to benefit from it. It is clear that the selected ISPs are participating and are committed to covering all households in the area targeted by their project, by September 2022. Consequently, my fellow citizens will have full access to today’s service. Hui is essential. » Donald Martel, Member of Parliament for Nicolette Becancourt and Parliamentary Assistant to the Prime Minister of Quebec (Saint Laurent Project and Innovation Zones Components)

The Sogetel Group was established in Arthabaska, L’Érable and Nicolet-Yamaska ​​for many years. Today’s announcement is the culmination of a good collaboration between Sogetel and these immigrant resource centers so that all residents have access to high-speed internet. We are happy to contribute to regional economic development by providing an essential service to the population, especially during this pandemic period. » – Richard Perron, Vice President of Corporate Development at Sogetel

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« Since its inception, Cogeco has always been committed to serving its communities and contributing to its economic and social vitality. We are pleased and excited to participate in this great project for our citizens in the region. Our teams are already mobilized to deploy. We are determined to accelerate the expansion of our powerful network, on schedule, in order to contribute to this operation’s goal of connecting 100% of Quebec’s territory by September 2022. » – Johan Haines, Director General of Quebec and Vice President of Programming and Community Relations at Cogeco

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