Highly anticipated new bridge in Île d’Orleans

About fifty citizens attended this meeting in person, which was organized by the Office of Public Hearings on the Environment (Door). The session was also broadcast online.

At the opening of the meeting, representatives of the Ministry of Transport of Quebec (MTQView details of the project, which is currently estimated to cost more than $100 million to build.

The MTQ It also presented the main lines of the environmental impact study. In particular, nine species of fish and five species of birds of special status were reported in the strip.

The new bridge is scheduled to be commissioned in 2027.

Photo: Radio Canada / Government of Quebec

The department has listed various mitigation measures that will be put in place to offset the impact of the new construction on the environment of the beaches and the St. Lawrence River. In particular, it is planned to restore or create new wetlands. The MTQ He also wants to make construction a carbon neutral project.

During the question period, many participants questioned experts MTQ Regarding configuring access to the bridge on both banks. D’autres se sont interrogés sur le délai de démolition du pont actuel, dont la construction s’est achevée en 1935. Le ministère estime que le démantèlement de la pourrait prendre trois ans, mais ne peut pale de préciseré moment Business.

satisfied citizens

At the conclusion of the meeting, many citizens expressed their satisfaction with making a presentation MTQ.

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I was surprised by the presentation. Me, I had an answer to my questionsAs says François Bleuen, president of the Union of Agricultural Producers of Lorleans.

People attend a presentation

The BAPE public information session was also broadcast on the Internet.

Photo: Radio Canada/Frederic Vigent

Others, like François Bouvard, think the show lacks detail.

I don’t understand why it is not more clear and transparent in terms of information. On the coast, access, disassembly. I find it a bit unfortunate on the part of the people of the department who have been working on this project for two years, that they come to us with rather incomplete files., comments Saint-Laurent de Lille d’Orleans native.

Request construction as soon as possible

All the citizens who met on the site agree that construction must begin quickly.

All the citizens of the island are eager to get a new bridge. This is the most motivating questions we had, remarks by the Dean of the MRC at Elle Dorlean, Harold Noel.

After being delayed several times, the new bridge is scheduled to start operating at the end of 2027. Preparatory work should start in 2022.

I have doubts, but our fingers are crossed for 2027As François Bloin says.

Citizens who wish also have until 4 November to request BAPE to conduct a meaningful consultation or mediation process regarding the environmental impact of this project. However, if launched, these steps should not lead to construction delays, according to BAPE.

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