Hitman 3: English Speaking Press Notes

IO Interactive She actually managed to breathe new life into the saga Assassin With the first two episodes of the trilogy Assassination worlds. Grand Final arrives this week with Hitman 3And it showed a group of additional and various assassinations that will be carried out in 6 new locations. The international press has already made its verdict, and the ratings are acclaim.

Displays the title Average high from 88/100 days Metacritic in this hour, With almost very positive reviews. Everyone agrees with that This conclusion plays its part nicely in terms of narrative and evolution of mechanicsAnd it offers freedom in terms of action and infiltration that will go down in history. Its tremendous replayability and graphic properties are nothing but the icing on the cake of this pie-tied experiment, even if some criticize the base’s life is too short.

Hitman 3
Available from 64.99 euros for Discount.

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