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Hogwarts Legacy: Exit window and lots of info! | Xbox One

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Let vintage game fanatics and virtual witch apprentices rest assured: No need to spend several tens of euros searching for used vintage video games in hopes of wandering the corridors of Hogwarts, Hogwarts Legacy is launching this year! An overview of a promising and ambitious game.

The end of the release in 2022!

We can say that time has passed since the release of the last game in the Harry Potter series. Regardless of mobile or VR experiences, the last game in The Wizarding World dates back to 2012, and then it was Harry Potter Kinect on Xbox 360. So we can understand the expectations surrounding the upcoming release of Hogwarts Legacy, due at the end of the 2022 holiday season!

The latest release of State of Play, chaired by Sony, has met expectations and is therefore dedicated to the next great game in the Harry Potter saga. The event, which lasted about twenty minutes, made it possible to highlight new gameplay sequences after those that were broadcast earlier. During the day.

In the presented videos, the developers of Avalanche Software insisted that the player will be able to explore the entire castle of the Hogwarts school. Yes everything! That is, a set of famous rooms and classrooms to explore, to which you must add the school setting or the village of Hogsmeade, over which you can fly with a broomstick or on the back of winged creatures. Thus, the franchise marks a return to exploring the legendary places that fans of The Order of the Phoenix, which was released on Xbox 360 in 2007, love.

enchanting content

So what can we expect from this Hogwarts legacy in terms of content? First of all, a scenario: you will embody a student who was accepted late at Hogwarts, in the fifth year specifically, capable of mastering ancient magic that you can use for good, as well as for evil. The context of the late nineteenth century gives way to an untold story in which you are the main hero or heroine. As in any modern RPG, the extensive customization menu will allow you to create an avatar from the ground up to carry out your mission.

Once you create your character, you will have to pass the Sorting Hat test that will mark your house. For the first time in the history of the Harry Potter universe, the Hufflepuff House will be modeled after! You will be able to go in the common room and make friends between two classes, according to the same given bully principle. The developers promise to be able to discover many secret passages and puzzles to keep us occupied.

Hogwarts Legacy, according to its creators, is defined as a role-playing game in an open world in which it will be possible to explore and get acquainted with characters that will allow you to learn new spells or abilities. All of its assets will be scalable and customizable within the so-called Room of Requirements. You will also be able to be accompanied by your elf, Dick, who will take care of helping you maintain some sort of secret, customizable place of yours.

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Dynamic and full of side quests, Hogwarts Legacy seems to have immediately established itself as one of the most promising titles of 2022. After several years of scarcity, the franchise appears to be making a comeback with a massive project that should meet the expectations of novices and aficionados alike. Fans are picky. Despite contact sponsored by PlayStation regarding contractual issues, the game will also be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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