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Home Fitness Revolution

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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It is hard to explain the importance that the gym has on some people’s lives. To them, it represents some vital factors in human life such as change and self-improvement, making these establishments a place that many simply must go to maintain a good quality of life. This changed due to recent world events, and many had to make do with these gyms being closed giving their potential to be virus hotspots. Some would have tried to make do with activities like fitness slots. There are many slots that specifically deal with fitness themes – not that these replace in any way an actual work out but they can still be fun for the fitness fanatic as they are in line with their hobbies and activities they enjoy playing. There are countless slots for Canadian players that deal with sports and fitness: these might include “Fitness Automaten” “Peek Physique” and others. Of course, fitness themed slots will not make you fit or give you that bulging 6 pack, so we do suggest perhaps getting on the move.

Without having a gym to go to, people had to look for other means of getting their training in. For those interested in cardio, this was simple as they could simply use their local park to train in instead of using the treadmill. However, those interested in other areas of fitness like strength training needed to find another way that they could exercise. Of course, people eventually started to purchase home fitness equipment so they could work out from home, but what they were surprised with is just how much this experience was better than attending the gym. In fact, it would not be a stretch to say that home gyms are better than traditional gyms in every single way.

This is a trend that is not just being theorised, it is happening. In the US last year, Tonal reported a 700% rise in sales of home fitness equipment, emphasising that people are beginning to understand the benefits of investing in a set-up at home. This provides the gym industry with a clear problem, not unlike the one that the film industry is facing with the rise of home cinemas and streaming.

When people look at the cost of paying to go to a gym over five years, they might be surprised by the astronomical figure. The fact that the gym is a reoccurring fee is a major weakness of it, and those who opt for a home gym need not pay any such fee. This includes the cost/time of travelling to the gym too. All they need to do to have a home gym is invest in the equipment, which should work out to be a lower cost over time. Getting a Fitbit would be a good choice too so that workouts and overall progress can be tracked.

Aside from lower costs, a home gym also offers users increased convenience, something that we all love. Commuters who have had a tiresome day at work no longer need to be part of the after-work gym rush as they can simply return to their homes to exercise. All the equipment is, of course, private so there is no waiting or sharing equipment with ignorant users. Having a home gym also frees up more time in the day due to quicker workouts and travel times, meaning that people can do more of the things they love in a day

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The popularity of home gyms is on the rise as they offer multiple benefits over traditional gyms. It is clear that these companies will need to make drastic changes if they want to retain much of their consumer base.

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