Housing related to the municipal sector in Témiscamingue

According to Warden Claire Bolduc, Témiscamingue is an attractive area, which has implications for the availability of housing.

The MRC wants to act and intends to make this issue one of its new priorities for intervention in 2022.

For Claire Boldock, the community must ensure that it provides affordable housing to residents.

The concern for the MRC becomes clear when municipalities clearly indicate that there is no more housing available in their community. I think of Moffe, among others, at Rimini. The municipalities say loud and clear: “There is nothing left to rent or sell with us.”The governor said.

This is a good sign for municipalities, but it is a concern of the community. We must bear in mind that people who come to Temiscamingue will have to find decent accommodation. So it became a concern to us. Companies are reporting on this and working with us, community organizations reporting on this, we are working with them and the municipal community is very alert about this issue.Claire Boldock added.

Claire Boldock in an interview at Rowen Noranda Studios.

Claire Bolduc, Dean of Témiscamingue

Photo: Radio Canada/Vincent Desjardins

The MRC is already working on this file with two initiatives under way.

The first is to get a complete picture of housing availability and rental possibilities.

Traditionally, in Témiscamingue, it was an oral word. Now we have to formalize things. Another step comes from the government’s desire to support communities in the problem of affordable housing. There has been an announcement in the past few weeks that a few hundred million will be available to facilitate access to affordable housing and engage the municipal sector. So we are already preparing to welcome these measures and to be proactive. We are talking about affordable housingSelect wallets.

« Nous, on est aussi actifs, à la MRC, pour voir quels sont les mécanismes à mettre en place – coopérative, OBNL -, et l’actuel portrait de l’état de la situation va nous permettre de mieux cibler les intervention qu’on Wants. »

Quote from Claire Bolduc

The Abitibi-Témiscamingue Observatory also noted, in its latest MRC image, that the number of available rental units is insufficient to meet the growing demand.

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