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How much confrontation is between Jake Paul and Ben Askren?

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Saturday night, during a Triller event that the production team gave to Jake Paul, Former UFC Ben Askren Youtuber was knocked out in the first round In order to achieve a third victory in the boxing ring.

The party, which was introduced in Georgia, was a great scene with Snoop Dogg in commentary etc., all the circus surrounding the Paul brothers and their plans.

Many saw Ben Screenin as the first serious opponent of the man who sent former NBA Nate Robinson onto the carpet this winter.

That was until Ascreen appeared to fight.

Arranged joke with a scene man

The battle lasted less than two minutes and it was clear that Ben Askren did not take the matter seriously. His physical shape left much to be desired and his level of participation seemed neutral at best in the ring.

What particularly interacts with netizens is the ending and the “KO” imposed by the ruling after the fall of Askren.

Yes, Jack Paul took a legitimate shot, but did Ben Askren really shook? Without saying that he didn’t feel the blow of pee, let’s say he might have decided to go home since his “job” ended.

Especially when we look at its past resilience against other enemies.

Obviously, Askren isn’t at his best at the time and he’s not a great boxer on his feet, but who’s there collapsing like that after a blow?

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It is very fishy. Especially when you see him behind the scenes after the fight.

Suppose if you compare everything to professional wrestling, and the apparent effect of this awesome show, it looks more like the Finger Poke of Doom than a great Wrestlemania victory.

With a perfect record, Jake Paul will be back in the ring sooner rather than later. Who do you think will be the next to cross his path?

We personally like the opinion of “sports entertainment” expert Chris Jericho.

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