Odile Joannette leaves Wapikoni’s mobile phone

Miss Joannette will lead the program Create, Know, and Share: First Nations, Inuit, and Colored Arts and Cultures In the Canadian Council of Arts.

“Odile Joannette was able to convey her values ​​and mobilize the team to develop the mission and provide the service for Wapikoni,” we can read in the press release announcing her departure.

In 2018, Manon succeeded Barbu, co-founder of Wapikoni. Under his leadership, many collaborations and projects have sprung up at Wapikoni, from supporting Netflix in developing the next generation of original creators, to creating a Virtual Creative Studio to keep in touch with communities during the pandemic.

Also, there was the provision of a Wapikoni caravan, at the service of the itinerant community in Montreal, in cooperation with the RÉSEAU organization and a partnership with the Kiuna Foundation to develop the first program in local cinema in Quebec.

The press release says again: “Odile has been able to make an impact and make its voice heard to defend the spaces of creativity, visibility and distinction of indigenous artists and to enhance their accessibility, in order to collectively identify the richness and diversity of their backgrounds.”

Eno from Besamette has previously been involved in several indigenous organizations, be it Aboriginal Women in Quebec, the Aboriginal Community Network of Montreal, which she co-founded, as well as spending ten years at the Association of First Nations in Quebec Labrador (AFNQL).

The position in the general management of Wapikoni mobile must now be held, always by an indigenous person. He will be the chosen one Responsible for seeing, directing, directing and managing the organization.

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