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How the Déclics series makes us more complicated in the face of science

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E = M6And This is not rocket scienceAnd X . time… On the small screen, a bunch of programs managed to talk about science, without taking viewers’ heads. clicks She is their heir. This documentary series, aired by
art, It addresses topics that are not easy at first sight (fluid mechanics, quantum physics, electromagnetic waves, chaos theory or plate tectonics) and publishes it, “so that everyone, at any age, can keep the basics, and then tell them your own words,” explain its creators.

«Pierre Lergenmüller [l’auteur et le co-réalisateur de l’émission, avec Benjamin Barbelet] And I’m former teachers, notes Jan Mach, the series’ producer. As a former teacher of mathematics, I often had literature. I soon realized that when we offered classic lessons, they were quickly deleted. It’s not at all that they were ill-intentioned, but rather that the way you presented things just wasn’t right for them. “This is how an idea was born clicksIt aims to “reconcile scholars and non-scholars”. The writing was entrusted to literary experts, supported by a group of experts. “It’s designed for the family, not just the kids,” Jane Mash explains.

Belonging to “Not Rocket Science”

And if the recipe hits the bull’s-eye, it’s especially credited with creating this show. Mad Films production company in Montpellier, to which we already owe the three seasons of the historical series Milestones, articulated clicks In two overlapping phases, over the course of approximately 26 minutes of each episode: The first, in which the voiceover is given (Julian Massouda, one of the actorsSuch a big sun) indicates the genesis of great scientific discoveries, and secondly, in which theories are explained, simply, thanks to 3D models.

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A formula that reminds us of the formula that contributed to success This is not rocket science, in France 3, 1993 to 2014. “It’s a sign we totally accept, and we really like This is not rocket science, delivers to the serial producer. Moreover, Pierre Lergenmüller wanted to thank them. If you look closely at the credits, Fred, Jimmy, and Sabine appear there. » clicks It has been airing since January 10 on Arte and all episodes are also available to stream,
on the channel website.

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